What is StockJock?

StockJock is a stock market gaming platform where you can win real money by picking the best performing stocks against your peers. We want to reimagine the way people experience markets in the US and elsewhere.

Let's Play!

While we work towards our beta we have been playing via email. Each email game has prizes for the winner. Log in to see our past games and play our most recent game.

All game participants will be eligible for our beta rollout.

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About StockJock

StockJock is a fantasy stock market game where you can win real money by picking the best performing stock.

Buying stocks online is scary for people who can’t afford to lose. In fantasy stock trading, even if the market tanks, you can still win!

You don’t have to know how to buy stock. Learn how to play the stock market with little risk and great rewards. StockJock is the only LIVE online stock market game where you can win real money!

What will you do with my e-mail?

We will keep you informed of new features and new stock market games. We respect your privacy and hate SPAM as much as you do.

Where can I send my comments or questions?

We would be happy to answer your questions! E-mail us at support@stockjock.co.

Why would I play StockJock instead of using one of the free stock simulators or a free stock market game?

You can’t learn the true spirit of the stock market for free. By having some skin in the game, you will get an experience not unlike investing in the stock market.

Founding Team

StockJock took 2nd place as Philly Startup Weekend 2014.

John Walters and Christian Heinzmann took what was started and made a company out of it.